Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pivot :: Logo + Stationary

PIVOT: Financial Planning for Life's Turning Points. I really enjoyed working on this naming and branding project with Lisa Werner. She is an amazing financial planner that has a unique approach to planning your financial future. She looks at the big picture, keeps your goals in mind and offers advice to keep you on track through life's turning points. The name and tagline allude to the trust you can put in Lisa to guide you to your goals through each phase of your financial life. The logo and branding carry out the look with a fresh green pallet, a modern and dynamic logo, and a pattern inspired by bank envelope security patterns. In a field that doesn't normally branch out into new-fangled naming and branding conventions, Lisa really took a step in the right direction with a strong name and smart look for her new business! If you'd like to take Pivot for a spin with your finances, you can email Lisa at lwerner@finsvcs.com

Red Seat :: Stationary

And here's how the Red Seat logo was applied to the stationary system, including letterhead, envelopes, label, notecard, stickers and a post-it note. We wanted to keep the look fun and bring the witty writing to life. A nice sunny yellow was added to the pallet to accomplish this and to allow the red accents to stand out.