Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DIY Lamps

I've got a little affinity lately for electrical work and making lamps. I've been (trying) to fix outlets and switch light fixtures. I took a pottery class on making lamps with pottery creations awhile back and made a log lamp for my bathroom. Now I want to make some sconces by combining pottery with some of these fun lamp parts from Mohn Electric Co. I'm undecided on the design, but think I'll sketch it out. I can't wait. Soon everything in my house will be made from pottery. Hot damn.


Ape said...

i know how to fix outlets.

meg olson, owner + designer said...

i think it's the old wiring and the modern need for lots of electricity that are clashing. i get it fixed and then it wimps out. it can handle a lamp and not a computer. geez. i'll have a talking to with it. wtf.