Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Word Savvy

I've just finished some work for the lovely Kathleen West of Word Savvy! She is a very talented writer who decided to open her own Marketing Communications business. Flourish helped with the naming and design for Word Savvy. For those of us word-challenged people, I think Word Savvy says it all. Words come easy to Kathleen and she has a witty way of delivering them. So, put down that pencil and call Kathleen. She will make it look easy.

The logo was so much fun to work on. The "punctuation flower" came to life through sketches and seemed to be the smart and witty direction that Kathleen was looking for. You might not notice the punctuation at first but that is the wit of it. I enjoy the surprise in design when you look closer and realize the details. Savvy, eh? The color palette came naturally from the most basic of writing tools - the pencil. Pencil yellow and a metallic graphite grey.

We kept it modern and clean on the business cards and simply wrapped the logo around the edge of the card, creating the balance between the words and the savvy of Kathleen's writing.

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Ape said...

looks awesome Meg, love it!