Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Seat :: Logo Options

I've just completed some work for Talley Flora's freshly rebranded company, Red Seat, through Kazoo Branding. She is a hiring expert for companies that need assistance and expertise in hiring great employees. 

Many times I am asked how the design process works and I think this is a nice example to show you how I work. To start off, I gather as much information about you and your company and its branding as I can. Even obscure details, stories and any style cues I might notice are good clues to get me started sketching logo ideas. After I sketch for a few hours, two or three logos usually come to the surface as the smart solutions. Those are the ones that I take to the computer and start working with. Sometimes they evolve from paper to computer, and sometimes they work perfectly just as I had sketched earlier. Below are the three logo designs we showed Talley.

A concept that shows the support and teamwork that is needed to fill the seat with a great employee. This is the direction Talley chose to move forward with.

A more abstract and energetic representation of a company or hiring team.

A more personalized concept that fills the modern looking seat with a different pattern that reflects the characteristics of the client or candidate. I like how the chair looks like it is smiling.

And this is the final logo after a couple of color tweaks to make the red pop more.

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